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Senior Chris Zhu Earns First Place in American Prize for Piano Solo

Chris Zhu of Class I was recently named the first-prize recipient in the nonprofit American Prize competition in the performing arts, at the high school level, for his piano solo submission. Chris began studying piano at age five and entered his first competition at age eight. He has performed at various high-profile venues—including Carnegie Hall […]

A Crash Course in Civic Engagement for Class V

For several weeks each spring, Class V students convene—led by Mr. Thomsen and Mr. Heaton of the history department, and Headmaster Brennan—for a series of lessons in what it means to be responsible, engaged, informed citizens of the United States. This Civics mini-course, conceived of by Mr. Brennan, has been a hallmark of the Class […]

ECOS Leads the Charge in Composting, At School and At Home

Did you know that food and yard waste make up more than 28% of our waste stream? Dumping this waste into landfills creates several environmental challenges, including the release of methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas that causes climate change.  At school, RL’s student-led environmental group, ECOS, runs a composting program to make sure that […]

Dr. Zine Magubane, Smith Scholar, On Race and Gender

Twelve years ago, Robert and Salua Smith established the Robert P. Smith ’58 International Fellowship so that Roxbury Latin could bring visiting scholars to campus each year, enhancing our curricula with their insightful perspectives on our increasingly complex world. Over the years, these scholars have educated us on such topics as economic globalization in Africa, […]

Eleven Seniors Inducted into Cum Laude Society

“This year, given our distinctive challenges, I think it appropriate to consider anew the reality of smart people,” began Headmaster Brennan in virtual Hall on April 23. The morning’s Hall was dedicated to the invocation of eleven Class I boys into the Roxbury Latin chapter of the Cum Laude Society. Smart people, Mr. Brennan continued, […]

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Esther Duflo, On Tackling Poverty

In celebration of Roxbury Latin’s 375th anniversary, the school has welcomed a series of esteemed speakers who have brought to light some of the challenges and potential solutions related to homelessness and poverty. This focus is consistent with RL’s long-held mission characterized by concern for others. While the COVID-19 pandemic has required that we stop […]

Dr. Stephen Berk on Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust, and Moving Toward a Hopeful Future

On April 16, Roxbury Latin students, faculty, and staff welcomed Dr. Stephen Berk as one of the spring’s virtual Hall presenters. Dr. Berk is the Henry and Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust and Jewish Studies at Union College. He has earned an international reputation for his teaching, writing, and research surrounding Russian and Soviet Jewish […]

Honors Bio Students Tackle Life Science Questions, With Help From the Pros

Does boiling garlic affect its antibiotic properties? Can Daphnia magna become habituated to caffeine? How well do ants detect nutrients in water sources? Should I eat my food after I drop it? Over the last couple of months, the Honors Biology students in Dr. Peter Hyde’s class were answering these ques­tions and more, with help […]

Scot Landry Presents a Memorable, Virtual Holy Week Hall

As people around the world stay in their homes this month to slow the spread of COVID-19, it is perhaps fitting that Christians have been observing Lent—a time when it is commonplace to “give something up,” to sacrifice, and to prioritize reflection. The time we are living through is unprecedented and unspeakably difficult for so […]

What Can We Learn From This? Mr. Brennan Delivers the Opening of Spring Term Hall Remotely

This morning’s Hall felt and sounded quite different from Roxbury Latin’s usual “welcome back” address. Rousmaniere Hall—typically bursting with energy, song, and the creaking of wooden chairs—had only two occupants: Headmaster Kerry Brennan, and Director of Digital and Graphic Design, Marcus Miller. Mr. Miller filmed Headmaster Brennan as he delivered RL’s first ever virtual Hall, […]