In helping boys become reflective and self-critical, we must also encourage their fostering connections with other countries and cultures.

School Sponsored Travel

In addition to a full program of courses in a range of academic areas, the school complements this curricular commitment with opportunities for travel—domestically and abroad. These trips are available to all boys, regardless of their families’ ability to pay, and represent a concerted effort to open up the world to our boys, even as their intellectual and ethical worlds are defined on a daily basis. School-sponsored trips over the years have taken RL boys to Senegal, Iceland, Costa Rica, countries throughout Europe, Quebec, the Dominican Republic, Botswana, and Australia, and throughout the U.S.—including wilderness adventures to the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Shenandoah National Park, and a week-long service project at the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana. In the context of these travels our students have practiced their foreign languages, shared their musical gifts, offered service, learned different cultures, and forged new relationships. Boys studying French and Spanish have an opportunity to participate in RL’s immersion programs in Caen, France and Cadiz, Spain during the month of June to study their respective foreign languages through homestays and academic work. In 2022, eleven students also traveled to Costa Rica for two weeks, where they learned and enjoyed much about local people and culture, food and language, industry and natural landscape.