At Roxbury Latin, we aim to provide technology resources, training, and support to continually improve the teaching and learning that happens here.


Technology at Roxbury Latin plays an important role in the education of our students. Whether in the IDEA Lab, the Mary Rousmaniere Gordon Library, the Harry Lewis Study Center, classrooms around campus, or even at home, the mission of the Information Services department remains the same: We aim to provide technology resources, training, and support to continually improve teaching and learning at Roxbury Latin. We believe RL programs should effectively use technologies in the advancement of education. Our courses and opportunities outside of class prepare students for advanced study in college and beyond.

At Roxbury Latin, we believe that our classrooms and our physical spaces should be designed to seamlessly integrate technology and foster a collaborative learning environment. The technology available in each space on campus is tailored to the needs of the teachers and students that utilize that space, and includes class sets of Chromebooks, Apple Macbook Pros, Audio/Visual presentation equipment, and specialized tools in labs.

The Roxbury Latin Invention, Design, Engineering, and Art (IDEA) Lab was conceived and designed in 2013 and built in the summer of 2014. Influenced by Makerspaces and Fab Labs around the world, RL imagined this space as a community hub for creativity and learning. We endeavor to provide a space where all potential roadblocks to the creative and engineering design processes are torn down. The IDEA Lab provides the spaces (flexible and specific-use), tools (digital, traditional, and digital fabrication), and time (classes, clubs, and open shop time) for our boys to explore and manipulate the world around them.

Math-Science Investigations is the curricular cornerstone of the space. A required course in Class IV, MSI is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)-driven, project-based, integrated course. It aims to give students an introduction to engineering and problem-solving, and emphasizes the real-world applications of mathematics and science while utilizing cutting edge technology tools. The importance of aesthetics in the design process, particularly when it comes to communicating one’s ideas, underlies every project the boys take on.

Times are set aside each week before, during, and after school, for Open Shop—an opportunity for students to explore the potential of the Lab and their own creative potential. Students may opt to take part in guided projects or to bring their own ideas and projects to life. We encourage the boys to explore the wide spectrum of making, from traditional fine woodworking to flying quadcopters. Each project they attempt builds and develops their knowledge, skill, and creative confidence—their ability to approach a new problem with the confidence that they can make strides toward a solution.