Language and Cultural Immersion in France, Spain, and Senegal For RL Boys This Summer

Mere hours after Roxbury Latin celebrated the year’s Closing Exercises, dozens of students and faculty members departed for Europe and West Africa to partake in RL’s long-standing—and often transformative—cultural immersion programs. Students in French and Spanish courses are testing their language skills and experiencing life, language, and learning in France, Spain, and Senegal. For some students, this experience involves month-long stays in Caen, France, and Cádiz, Spain—including homestays with local families and academic work in their elected modern language. This June, a group of RL boys and teachers also traveled to Senegal for two weeks, where they are learning and enjoying much about the local people and culture, food and language, industry and natural landscape. This is Roxbury Latin’s second trip to Senegal, the home country of our own Monsieur Diop. Students in Senegal have visited the NBA Academy Africa in Saly, Mr. Diop’s mother’s medical office in Thies, the dunes of the Lompoul desert, and the Great Mosque of Touba, among other sites.

Read the students’ firsthand accounts and view photos from their adventures at the following RL travel blogs: