“Of Roxbury Latin’s qualities, none contributes more powerfully to the life of our school than the background and nature of our boys.” – Headmaster Brennan

Headmaster’s Welcome

Founded in 1645 by The Reverend John Eliot, Roxbury Latin is not only the oldest school in continuous existence in North America, it is also, by my reckoning, the oldest boys’ school on the continent. For all of our 377 years we have offered a program explicitly designed for the boys in our care. Our work has been steady and sure. Of Roxbury Latin’s singular qualities, however, none contributes more powerfully to the life of our school than the background and nature of our boys.

Long before other schools sought to demonstrate some semblance of diversity, Roxbury Latin pursued and welcomed a student body reflective of Greater Boston’s broad demographic. We offer admission without concern for a family’s ability to pay, and we provide whatever financial aid is necessary in order for a family to be able to send their son here. Over the last few years, we have successfully extended our financial aid to encompass all complementary features of the school program—activities, trips, counseling. This model makes for a dramatically democratic student body in which boys are measured by and appreciated for their talents, their character, their contribution to the life of the school, and their vibrant, eclectic personalities.

Because Roxbury Latin has redefined accessibility and affordability in this way, boys from all socioeconomic groups have found a welcoming educational home here. Graduates will readily assert that the array of perspectives represented, the opportunities to know boys of quite different backgrounds, the bonds forged from experiencing in common intense academic challenges, and regular reminders of possibility and duty—all contribute to a climate in which boys come to love and respect each other. They are a band of brothers.

Whether you are already familiar with Roxbury Latin or new to our community, I invite you to learn more about us. I hope that you will observe the truly distinctive character of our school.

Kerry P. Brennan