Penn Fellows are equal parts teachers and learners, leading their own classes and fully engaged in the life of the school, while also earning a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Penn Fellows Program at The Roxbury Latin School

Roxbury Latin is a partner in the Penn Fellows Independent School Teaching Residency (ISTR), an innovative collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and a consortium of the nation’s leading independent day schools.

The Penn Fellows program provides the foundation for exemplary teaching by combining classroom experience, attentive mentoring, and a broad, rich understanding of learning theory and pedagogy. Our Fellows earn a master’s degree in education while each teaching one or two classes with the close support of a faculty mentor in their academic discipline. From mentors, Fellows receive regular observation and feedback, shadowing opportunities, and collaboration in creating or modifying lessons and assessments. Fellows simultaneously receive instruction from professors at the University of Pennsylvania, and attend several on-site sessions each year, either at UPenn or at fellow consortium schools.

Fellows are fully ingrained in the life of the school; in addition to their work in the classroom, they coach interscholastic sports, serve as advisors, and support extracurricular programs.

RL/PENN Fellows can expect:

  • Supportive mentors
  • On- and off-campus professional development
  • Seminars on various topics throughout the year
  • Direct classroom experience
  • A strong formal program
  • The opportunity to share their learning and work with colleagues
  • The collegial support of Roxbury Latin’s administrators, faculty and staff

The other ISTR consortium Day Schools are: Gilman School, Greenwich Academy, Hathaway Brown, Hopkins School, North Shore Country Day, Princeton Day School, Riverdale Country School, The Shipley School, St. Albans School, St. Anne’s-Belfield, and Trinity School.

For more information about UPenn’s ISTR program at Roxbury Latin, please contact Bryan Dunn, Dean of Faculty, at 617.477.6354 or

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