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A Hall Honoring Paul Sugg Opens the Winter Term

Roxbury Latin began its winter term, and welcomed the new year, on January 3 with a celebration honoring beloved, veteran faculty member Paul Sugg, who served as RL’s Dean of Students for 23 years. The Hall marked the installation of the Paul E. Sugg Deanship, a generous gift of alumnus and trustee Jim Quagliaroli ’93 […]

The How-Tos of Healthy Digital Engagement: Two Sessions With Dr. Jill Walsh

“People have strong opinions about what technology you should and shouldn’t use, about when and for how long,” began Dr. Jill Walsh in the Smith Theater. “Adults are confused, and so are kids, honestly. The information isn’t clear, and it often contradicts itself.” Dr. Walsh joined RL students and faculty for two Halls this fall—one […]

St. Louis City Treasurer Adam Layne ’07 Shares Lessons He’s Learned

On November 29, Roxbury Latin welcomed back Adam Layne, Class of 2007, who delivered a personal and inspiring Hall to students and faculty in Rousmaniere. Adam serves today as the Treasurer of the City of St. Louis. He began his talk addressing the boys as his “fellow RL brothers,” and offering insight into what he […]

Tom Guden ’96 Kicks Off the Season With Gratitude

For nearly 20 years, Roxbury Latin has launched the school’s Thanksgiving break with the annual Thanksgiving Exercises Hall—an opportunity to reflect on our many gifts, as individuals and as a community. “As you will hear from others today, in readings and song,” Headmaster Brennan began, “each of us has a bundle of blessings for which […]

General Enoch Woodhouse, of the Tuskegee Airmen, Delivers Veterans Day Hall Remarks

On November 10, Headmaster Brennan welcomed students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests to Roxbury Latin’s annual Veterans Day Commemoration Hall, which honors, as Mr. Brennan began, “those veterans who are with us, and also all those others who have served our country in peacetime and wartime over the past 250 years. Their commitment, loyalty, and […]

A Founder’s Day Focused On Immigration in Boston’s North End

On November 3, Roxbury Latin celebrated its annual Founder’s Day, honoring the very beginning of the school, founded in 1645 under King Charles I by “the good apostle” John Eliot. In its 378th year, the school focused on immigration in the City of Boston over centuries—particularly in the historic neighborhood of Boston’s North End. The […]

Manufacturing, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: A Morning with VulcanForms

On November 1, students and faculty assembled in the Smith Theater for an inspiring Hall co-presented by John Hart and Martin Feldmann of VulcanForms, a Massachusetts-based additive manufacturing (3D printing) startup. These two mechanical engineers and entrepreneurs began their presentation with a brief history of manufacturing. Beginning with the Gutenberg printing press in the mid-1400s […]

Hakeem Rahim Helps Eliminate the Mental Health Stigma

On October 21, Hakeem Rahim delivered a personal and important Hall about his struggle with mental health, and about eliminating the stigma related to those struggles. Mr. Rahim was the first African American male valedictorian in his high school’s history, and he graduated with honors from Harvard with a degree in psychology. He went on […]

Matt Axelrod ’88 Discusses Federal Law Enforcement and the War in Ukraine

“I want to talk with you this morning about what’s going on in Ukraine, and the role that the United States is playing to help the Ukrainian people,” began Matt Axelrod ’88 in Hall on October 20. “As you’ve all seen play out on your televisions and your phones, Vladimir Putin launched a brutal and […]

David Diaz Delivers 2022 Jarvis International Lecture

“Good schools help you learn about yourself, and better schools help you learn about the world. But the best schools help you learn to find your own place in the world—your path within our global community—and then decide how you might shape and contribute to it.” Thus began F. David Diaz in Rousmaniere Hall on […]