Dr. Joan Salge Blake Talks Balance and Nutrition

On February 20, students and faculty welcomed Dr. Joan Salge Blake to the Smith Theater for a presentation on nutrition. Part of Roxbury Latin’s continuing Health and Wellness series, Dr. Salge Blake—a clinical professor of nutrition at Boston University’s Department of Health Sciences—spoke about the importance of developing healthy eating habits early in life. Her primary objective: balance. Most Americans consume the majority of their daily calories from mid-afternoon into the evening.

“My goal,” said Dr. Salge Blake, “is that you’ll never have to be in my office as an adult—so you can stop this kind of crazy eating at your age to better fuel your mind and your body.” Dr. Salge Blake asked students to reflect on their typical daily diets, and offered healthy, balanced alternatives for meals and snacks that would provide consistent energy, focus, and strength throughout the day. She shared data on how much of the American diet consists of sugary beverages—energy drinks, juice, sodas, and coffee drinks; how many different terms there are for added sugar, when it comes to reading nutrition labels; and how beginning the day with a nutritional and balanced breakfast can help set a tone for healthier eating throughout the day.

Dr. Salge Blake earned her bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition at Montclair State University, and her master’s in clinical nutrition and doctorate of education at Boston University, where she also received the prestigious Whitney Powers Excellence in Teaching Award. Her expert advice has been solicited in more than 1,500 media interviews, and her research and insight cited in dozens of national and international publications, from The New York Times to Consumer Reports to Sports Illustrated to Health Magazine. Named by Good Housekeeping as “the expert to follow on Twitter for healthy eating,” Dr. Salge Blake also hosts the popular health podcast Spot On! and has written several books on the science of nutrition and healthy eating habits. A sought-after speaker, she has won numerous awards for her work, including Outstanding Dietetic Educator from the Massachusetts Dietetic Association.