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Chris Zhu (II) Wins Bronze Medal in U.S. Physics Olympiad

Chris Zhu, Class II, was awarded a Bronze Medal this spring in the 2019 U.S. Physics Olympiad (USAPhO), a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics. Chris is one of four medalists from Massachusetts. In January, Chris and his fellow Science Club members took the preliminary […]

Journalist Jeff Jacoby Speaks from the Conservative Perspective

On May 10, Jeff Jacoby spoke with Roxbury Latin’s boys and faculty as one of the year’s final Hall speakers. Mr. Jacoby has been an op-ed columnist for The Boston Globe for 25 years; he will tell you he is “the only identifiable conservative writer in a newspaper overwhelmingly staffed by liberal journalists.” Before entering […]

Excellence in a Global Context: Dr. Krishna Palepu Delivers Cum Laude Address

On April 25, Roxbury Latin celebrated in Hall the ten members of Class I whose efforts and accomplishments earned them membership in the Cum Laude Society. The school was honored to welcome as the Cum Laude speaker Dr. Krishna Palepu, the Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, where he joined […]

Roxbury Latin Honors The Life and Legacy of Tony Jarvis

“Today, we all gather to remember and honor The Reverend F. Washington Jarvis, Roxbury Latin’s 10th Headmaster, who for thirty action packed years led and shaped our community,” began Headmaster Kerry Brennan from the lectern of Rousmaniere Hall on Sunday, May 5. Nearly 450 alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, parents, and friends were gathered to honor […]

RL Welcomes Two Maru-A-Pula Students In Long-Standing Exchange

Milit Ranjith and Bogosi Mabaila love soccer. At home, in Botswana’s capital city of Gaborone, they play on the Maru-a-Pula School team, which is looking forward to their big tournament in June. They can often be found on the weekends with a soccer ball at the ready for spontaneous games with friends.   Upon their […]

Andrew Zhang, Class II, Wins First Place in State Science Fair at MIT

At a Model UN conference last year, Andrew Zhang, Class II, was placed on the World Health Organization Council to discuss the implications of—and possible solutions to—antimicrobial resistance (AMR), or the ability of bacteria to resist antibiotics. A global health crisis, AMR kills millions of people each year. As he learned how dangerous AMR was, […]

Milan Rosen (I) Co-Authors Award-Winning Pathology Abstract

Each year, pathologists from all over North America convene to share innovative research in the world of diagnostics at the Annual Meeting for the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP). This year’s meeting took place in National Harbor, Maryland, in March. Practicing pathologists, PhD candidates, and graduate students shared more than 3,000 abstracts […]

Economics As A Force for Good: Iqbal Dhaliwal Delivers Wyner Lecture

What is poverty? With so many organizations aimed at combating poverty, how do you measure impact? These are the two critical questions posed to students on April 16 by this year’s Wyner Lecturer, Mr. Iqbal Dhaliwal—executive director of the Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL). J-PAL is a global anti-poverty center, founded in 2003 and based […]

Dr. Steven Lockley Wraps Up Wellness Series With Sleep Health

Bats spend 19 hours each day sleeping. Giraffes sleep less than five. Dolphins only ever sleep with half their brain; the other half remains active so they can continue swimming while they rest. Adolescent boys… sleep less than they should. On April 11, Roxbury Latin welcomed Dr. Steven Lockley to present the final Hall in […]

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