Live Music on Campus Again, At Last!

This week marked a momentous occasion for this singing school: On Thursday, May 20, Roxbury Latin hosted its first live musical performance in 14 months. On a beautiful, sunny evening, outside in the Smith Arts Center Courtyard, guests sat—spread out, in chairs on the lawn—and enjoyed performances by students in Class VI through Class I, instrumentalists and singers, performing a range of music that they’ve been practicing, in person and via Zoom, throughout this pandemic year.

View the entirety of this spring’s outdoor concert, and read the complete program below.

Chamber Ensembles
Howard Frazin, director

Piano Trio in F Major, Op. 39, No. 1

  1. Allegro con brio

Julius Klengel (1859-1933)

   Max Kesselheim, violin                                                                    

   Kenneth Foster, cello

   Dennis Jin, piano

Recorder Sonata in F Minor                      

  1. Allegro

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

   Marc Albrechtskirchinger, recorder

   Simon Albrechtskirchinger, guitar

Violin Sonata in E Minor, BWV 1023             

  1. Gigue                

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

   Liam Finn, violin

   Michael Allen, double bass

   Darian Estrada, piano

Piano Quartet No. 3 in C Minor, Op. 60                

   III. Andante

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

   Justin Yamaguchi, violin

   Eli Mamuya, viola

   Justin Shaw, cello

   Theo Teng, piano

Horn Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 40

  1. Allegro con brio


   Daniel Berk, horn

   Alex Yin, violin

   Heshie Liebowitz, piano


Rob Opdycke, director

Eric Auguste, Eli Bailit, Daniel Berk, Ben Brasher, Ben Chang-Holt,

Ryan Frigerio, Aydan Gedeon-Hope, Heshie Liebowitz, Ryan Lim,

Sam Morris-Kliment, Emmanuel Nwodo, Ethan Phan, Ale Philippides,

Tommy Reichard, Theo Teng

Loch Lomond

Traditional Scottish Air

arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

Daniel Berk, tenor


Ernie Halter (b. 1974)

arr. Sandy Fleming ’07 (b. 1988) & Rob Opdycke (b. 1976)

Ben Chang-Holt, Emmanuel Nwodo,   

Ale Philippides, solos

Guitar Ensemble
Dr. Andrés Amitai Wilson, director

Vishnu Emani, Tait Oberg, Nick Raciti, guitar

Jack McCarthy, bass; Joseph Wang, drums


Stevie Wonder (b. 1950)

Original arrangement by the group


Jazz Combo
David Leach ’09, director

Quinn Donovan, trumpet; Tommy Reichard, alto & tenor sax

Ben Chang-Holt, piano; Ale Philippides, guitar

Anton Rabkin, bass; Joseph Wang, drums

Lonnie’s Lament

John Coltrane (1926-1967)

Darwin Derby


arr. D. Leach (b. 1990)