Juniors Help Newly-Housed Boston Residents, In Collaboration With Pine Street Inn

On February 9, juniors from Roxbury Latin and The Winsor School teamed up for a joint service initiative, in collaboration with the Pine Street Inn, which has been assisting Boston’s homeless population for more than 50 years. Class II boys hosted their Winsor counterparts for an evening on campus, which began with a presentation by Luke Cronin, Manager of Volunteer Programs at Pine Street Inn, in the Evans Choral Room. After the presentation and Q&A session, students were divided among eight rooms in the Perry Building to assemble welcome baskets, which would be given to newly-housed residents placed through the Pine Street Inn program. Event organizers set up a “store” in the McNay Palaistra where students could “shop” for goods to include in their baskets—items generously donated in the weeks leading up to the service event: bedding and cleaning supplies, toiletries and cooking utensils, ironing boards and shower curtains, bath towels and coffee mugs—all things that residents could use to set up their new apartments and feel at home.

The students assembled more than 20 baskets, and also donated additional towels, sheets, and other essential household items. Students created cards and posters welcoming residents to their new homes. The evening concluded with dinner and dessert in the Bernstein Tea Room.

The Pine Street Inn is the largest resource for homeless men and women in New England. Today, Pine Street is increasingly focused on providing permanent, supportive housing for homeless people, and has placed more than 1,200 individuals into homes to date. This approach is one of the fastest-growing solutions to homelessness in Boston and across the country. Roxbury Latin has long been a service partner with Pine Street Inn, and students and faculty volunteer in various capacities in connection with the organization throughout the school year. Special thanks to Mrs. Carroll and Mr. Chappell for coordinating this evening of service and socializing. View photos from the evening here.