Prize Day 2019

On June 5, the Class of 2019 took their front row seats in Hall for the last time as the First Class, and anticipated, along with the classes behind them, this year’s roster of prize-winners and their plaudits. As Headmaster Kerry Brennan began, “Our purpose for gathering today is to recognize discernible excellence in all areas of school life—academic and extracurricular. In singling out certain prize winners, we are intending to affirm the highest standards of schoolboy endeavor. We do this even though we know that others in your seats may be more deserving of congratulations for they have struggled mightily, come far, taken risks, and been honorable boys. To you goes the faculty’s admiration and congratulations.” While some of the major Class I awards are announced at Closing Exercises, this year’s prize winners are as follows:

Major athletic awards to Class I:

ISL: Liam Rimas

Sportsmanship: Kevin Demore and Alvin Massenat

Scholar-Athlete: Nate Lopes

Best Athlete: Will Greer

Varsity athletic awards to Class I:

Soccer: Ethan Kee

Lacrosse: Deven Varney

Hockey: Jack Luca

Tennis: Brendan Jimenez

Football: Sean Russell

Basketball: Myles Davis

Track & Field: David Meneses Ontiveros and Milan Rosen

Cross Country: Aidan Bowen

Wrestling: Doevy Estimphile

Baseball: Ben Rounds

Major book awards to boys in Class II:

Holy Cross Book Award: Collin Bergstrom

Brown University Book Award: Jonathan Weiss

Dartmouth Book Award: Andrew Zhang

Harvard Book Prize: Avi Attar

Academic awards:

The Joseph A. Sasserno French Deturs: Justin Shaw V, George Madison IV, Thomas Gaziano III, Jonathan Weiss II, Trey Sullivan I

Headmaster’s Spanish Deturs: Matt O’Connor V, Vishnu Emani IV, Daniel Sun-Friedman III, Michael Stankovich II, Quito Sanchez I

The Isabel M. Fowler History Prizes: Lucas Vander Elst VI, Colin Herbert IV, Peter Frates III, Collin Bergstrom II, Rohan Sheth I

The Richard M. Whitney Science Deturs: Matt Consigli VI, Gabriel Stankovich V, Will Specht III, Andrew Zhang II

The N. Henry Black Science Detur: Raphael Deykin I

The Donald L. Whittle Math Deturs: Eric Zhu VI, Eddy Pan V, Josh Krakauer IV, Rohil Dhaliwal III, Chris Zhu II

The Islay F. McCormick Mathematics Prize: Kalyan Palepu I

The Anna Cabot Lowell Deturs in English: Theo Coben VI, Kevin Wang V, Teddy Glaeser IV, John Wilkinson III, Liam O’Connor II, Izzy Goldsmith I

The Trustees’ Greek Deturs: A.J. Gutierrez III, Jonathan Weiss II, Coleman Smith I

The Anna Cabot Lowell Deturs in Latin: John Tompros VI, James McCurley V, Eli Bailit IV, Thomas Gaziano III, John Harrington II, Adam Berk I

Extra-curricular awards:

Lower School Latin Declamation Prize: Rami Hayes-Messinger

Upper School Latin Declamation Prize: Daniel Sun-Friedman

Greek Declamation Prize: Austin Manning

The Cameron A. Rylance Music Prize: Eric Zaks

The Ralph F.F. Brooks Art Prize: Erik Zou

The Philip A. Kaye Prize: Leonardo Bene

The Joan M. Regan Service Prize: Jared Brosnan

The Class of 1976 Dramatics Prize: John Ryan

The Gerhard Rehder Prize in International Relations: Izzy Goldsmith

The Albert W. Kelsey Debate Prize: Trey Sullivan

The Publications Award: Adam Berk View photos of this year’s Prize Day Hall.