Year Two of “Boswords” A Success

Photo credit: John Lieb

On July 29, faculty members John Lieb (mathematics) and Andrew Kingsley ‘12 (English) hosted the Second Annual “Boswords” Crossword Tournament in the Palaistra on Roxbury Latin’s campus. This year the event drew 165 competitors—many for whom this was a first crossword tournament. (Leading up to the tournament, Boswords even earned a plug by The Washington Post crossword constructor, Evan Birnholz.)

The now-popular event draws young people and adults who can register for the advanced or novice divisions, or as a pair. Over the course of an afternoon, they solve puzzles developed by eight different constructors. (Puzzles from this year’s tournament, as well as last year’s, are available on the Boswords 2018 website.)

In the championship round, the top three solvers squared off for the Boswords title, which ultimately went to solver Katie Hamill. Prizes ranged from the entry fee to the 2018 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, to subscriptions to the American Values Club Crossword, to a crossword book of the winner’s choosing. In addition to crossword puzzle solving, Boswords-goers had the chance to connect with other solvers from around the area.