Prize Day 2018

On 30 May the Class of 2018 took their front row seats in Hall for the last time as the First Class, and anticipated, along with the classes behind them, this year’s roster of prize-winners and their plaudits. Every year its singular purpose is to recognize discernible excellence in all areas of school life and across every class. (See photos here.)

Major athletic awards to Class I: ISL: Ayinde Best Sportsmanship: Evan Lim Scholar-Athlete: Paul Kuechler Best Athlete: Jim Duffy Varsity Athletic awards to Class I:Soccer: Ben Bryant Lacrosse: Thomas Englert Hockey: James Duffy and Zach Milton Tennis: Harris Foulkes Football: Thomas Bulger Basketball: Sawyer Wellman Track & Field: Paul Kuechler Cross Country: Ben Lawlor Wrestling: Evan Lim Baseball: Robert Crawford Major book awards to boys in Class II:Holy Cross Book Award: Nate Lopes Brown University Book Award: Erik Zou Dartmouth Book Award: Rohan Sheth Harvard Book Prize: Ethan Kee Academic awards:The Joseph A. Sasserno French Deturs: George Madison V, Thomas Gaziano IV, Christopher Zhu III, Dominc Gaziano II, Reis White I Headmaster’s Spanish Deturs: Eli Bailit V, Daniel Berk IV, Michael Stankovich III, Tomas Gustafsson II, Robert Crawford I The Isabel M. Fowler History Prizes: Nicholas Frumkin VI, Peter Frates IV, Andrew Zhang III, John Frates II, Andrew Steinberg I The Richard M. Whitney Science Deturs: Gabriel Stankovich VI, Mark Henshon V, Andrew Zhang III, Rohan Sheth II The N. Henry Black Science Detur: Zach Levin I The Donald L. Whittle Deturs: Justin Shaw VI, Vishnu Emani V, John Carroll IV, Chris Zhu III, Kalyan Palepu II The Islay F. McCormick Mathematics Prize: David Ma I The Anna Cabot Lowell Deturs in English: Tait Oberg VI, Theodore Glaeser V, Ethan Phan IV, Jonathan Weiss III, Erik Zou II, Dylan Zhou I The Trustees’ Greek Deturs: Jonathan Weiss III, Coleman Smith II, Ben LaFond I The Anna Cabot Lowell Deturs in Latin: Robert Zabin VI, Vishnu Emani V, Daniel Sun-Friedman IV, John Harrington III, Gilbert Rosenthal II, Ben LaFond Extra-curricular awards:Lower School Latin Declamation Prize: Robert O’Grady Upper School Latin Declamation Prize: Coleman Smith Greek Declamation Prize: Thomas Bulger The Cameron A. Rylance Music Prize: Ben Lawlor The Ralph F.F. Brooks Art Prize: Andrew Gray The Philip A. Kaye Prize: Justin Shaw The Joan M. Regan Service Prize: Cole Englert The Class of 1976 Dramatics Prize: Andrew White and Reis White The Gerhard Rehder Prize in International Relations: Connor Dowd The Albert W. Kelsey Debate Prize: Joe Nero and Andrew Steinberg The Publications Award: Robert Crawford