Exelauno Day: Olympians of the Classics

Sixteen boys in Classes VI through I tested their Classical mettle on 1 March in the David Taggart Clark Competition in Greek and Latin Declamation in Rousmaniere Hall. One of the school’s own “high holy days,” Exelauno Day is a uniquely Roxbury Latin event that allows for the singular annual pleasure of hearing from boys of every age and level of exposure to Latin and Greek.

This year’s winners were Robert O’Grady IV (Lower School Latin), Coleman Smith II (Upper School Latin), and Thomas Bulger I (Greek).


Classics Department Chair Jameson Morris-Kliment served as master of ceremonies, and the judges, to whom R.L. extends its heartfelt gratitude, were Anthony Breen, Assistant Director of Middle School and Latin Teacher at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School; Mark W. Harrington, Latin Teacher at Noble and Greenough School; and Timothy Joseph, Associate Professor of Classics at the College of the Holy Cross.


The event was streamed live, and the recording can be viewed here. A gallery of photos is available here.