Beta to Blockbuster: Entrepreneurs discuss the development of an idea

RL is committed to pursuing curriculum that considers the dynamic combination of problem solving, collaboration, engineering, and design. With that in mind, the Headmaster invited Boston-area entrepreneurs Michael Amaru and Kingsley R. Chin, MD, co-founders of SenseDriver Technologies, to present their newest prodigy in Hall on 17 February. 

The product is called SenseHUD, a voice-integrated, portable “heads-up” display that projects your smart phone’s screen onto a piece of glass on the dashboard of your vehicle, making it safer to use your smart phone while driving. The product is currently being tested, and its creators predict it will be available to consumers in the near future.

Mr. Amaru, who has a Fine Arts degree and a graphic design background, arrived at the idea of the interactive display after being struck by a distracted driver while riding his motorcycle. “At some point in the product development process,” he said, “you need a mentor with experience.” Dr. Chin was that person. Dr. Chin holds degrees in medicine, electrical engineering, and math, was chief of spine surgery at UPenn and is currently CEO of SpineFrontier, Inc. The sales of medical devices he developed have provided him with the resources to back such entrepreneurial endeavors as SenseHUD.

They offered advice for success to would-be entrepreneurs in the audience. Set goals—ignore limitations. Have an idea; test the market; know the competition better than they know themselves; and grow your network. More than anything, Dr. Chin emphasized, “you must have an attitude for success.”