Grammy Award-Winning Adam Granduciel ’97 on Fatherhood and Making Music

Alumnus Adam Granduciel ’97—frontman of the Grammy Award-winning rock band The War on Drugs—discusses fatherhood, his band’s new album “I Don’t Live Here Anymore,” and their upcoming show at Madison Square Garden in a recent New York Times article titled “The War on Drugs Can’t Stop Searching for Answers in the Music.”

“For all his achievements, Granduciel remains far more motivated by his craft than by external validation,” New York Times writer Olivia Horn writes. “A notoriously obsessive creative, he’s keener to tinker in the privacy of the studio than to bask in the spotlight. And lately, he’s been preoccupied by something even more important than music-making: his 2-year-old son, Bruce.”

In the article Adam references his relationship with his father, RL alumnus Mark Granofsky ’51, and how that relationship has shaped him, both in his approach to his work and as a father to his young son.

The War on Drugs will be headlining at Madison Square Garden on January 29, and tickets are available through the venue’s website.