Josh Wildes Named Prep School Coach of the Year

Head wrestling coach Josh Wildes has been named 2018 Prep School Coach of the Year by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. He will be honored as part of the annual Mass Mayhem awards—“The Massachusetts Braggin’ Rights Classic”—which takes place on Sunday, April 8.


Leading R.L.’s varsity team to a 19-2 season record and a second place finish in the Graves-Kelsey League Championship, Coach Wildes has earned well-deserved accolades and the respect of his players.


“Coach Wildes knows his wrestlers well, and he tailors his approach according to what they need to succeed,” says tri-captain Paul Kuechler I. “For instance, for some guys, he might scream and yell while they’re on the mat competing, because that’s what they need. And for others, he’ll just quietly say, ‘Do this move,’ and there will be silence for awhile, and the kid will do the move, and it works.”


“The best thing about Coach Wildes,” says tri-captain Ayinde Best I, “is that he doesn’t get mad at you if you’ve lost a match, as long as you’ve put in the work and given it your best. I remember last year at the Graves-Kelsey I was beating a kid 4-0, and I tried something different—I got too aggressive, and the kid came back and pinned me. I had just been eliminated. I felt horrible that I’d lost it for us, and Coach said, ‘Don’t worry—you were trying, and I like that.’”


The Mass Mayhem event on April 8 includes an awards presentation, an All-Star dual-meet, and a college fair. Festivities begin at 11 a.m. at Noble and Greenough School. High school wrestlers and their families are welcome to attend. For more information on the event, or to purchase tickets, visit the MA NWHOF website.