Shanah Tovah: Three Seniors on the History and Traditions of the High Holy Days

Seniors Andrew Steinberg, Jake Wexelblatt and Zach Levin

At Roxbury Latin, part of our work is to ask the bigger questions, and to consider who we are, spiritually. On the Jewish High Holy Days, as on the highest holidays of the Christian and Muslim traditions, we regularly hear from faith leaders from beyond our walls. In Hall on Thursday, we heard from three of our own.


In this most holy week of the Jewish calendar, seniors Andrew Steinberg, Jake Wexelblatt, and Zach Levin offered fellow students, faculty and staff an education on the long history of the High Holy Days; the beloved traditions of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in their own homes and around the world; and even a tutorial on the shofar, an ancient musical instrument made from a ram’s horn.


Watch the video below for their full Hall presentation.