Contactar o Gabinete de Admissão

At Roxbury Latin, our approach to the admission process is personal, and unique. The Admission Committee is not a singular branch of school operation, but rather one securely rooted within the larger school context. The Committee is comprised of RL’s teaching faculty, coaches, and program directors, which ensures that as families seek to learn about the school through open houses, information nights, school fairs, and visits to campus, they will interact directly with the men and women doing the daily work in different areas of school life. Nearly all of RL’s teaching faculty serve on the Admission Committee—attending admission events, conducting interviews, evaluating candidates—drawing from all academic departments and extracurricular programs. This model grants applicant families important access to the authentic voices of school life. The instructors who comprise the Admission Committee, dedicated to helping shape school culture and community, invest deeply in the current student body, and they also understand the important role they play in investing in the next generation of Roxbury Latin students.

Please contact a member of our Admission Office staff to begin your Roxbury Latin journey, or simply inquire here.

Mr.Matt McDonald '85

Director de Admissão; História

Sr. Alex Pellegrini '10

Director Assistente de Admissão; Director Assistente de Assuntos de Antigos Alunos; Artes

Sra. Carolyn Powell

Director Assistente de Admissão

Admission Committee Members

Roxbury Latin’s Admission Committee includes nearly every faculty member in the school, which means that the individual you meet with during your campus visit and interview is likely to end up being your teacher, coach, or advisor. RL’s unique admission approach means that our faculty is invested in getting to know our prospective students each year from the very start of the process.

Michael Beam ’10
English, Classics




Chris Brown
História, Ciência




Karen Buitrago
Penn Fellow, Modern Languages




Elizabeth Carroll
Science, Class VI Dean




Dave Cataruzolo
Director of Alumni Affairs, Baseball, Hockey




Josh Cervas
Chair, English Department




Jack Colavita '17
Penn Fellow, Inglês, Clássicos




Rary Delaney




Sarah Demers




Ousmane Diop
Chair, Modern Language Department; Tennis




Erin Dromgoole
Director of Academic Support, History, Track & Field




Bryan Dunn
Assistant Headmaster for Program; Chair, Science Department




Matt Golden
Assistant Director of Athletics, Football, Health & Wellness




Peter Hyde




Tim Kelly
História, Reitor Classe III




John Lieb
Chair, Math Department




George Matthews '08
Classics, Class II Dean




Rob Opdycke
Director of Music, Mathematics




Jeff Ott
História, Ciência




Matt Phillips
Penn Fellow, Director of Dramatics




Billy Quirk ’04
Assistant Dean of Students, English, Classics, Class V Dean




Mo Randall
English, Classics




Darian Reid ’05
Director of Studies, Classics




Meredith Reynolds
Director Associado de Orientação Universitária




Jim Ryan
Spanish, Arts, Class IV Dean




Jackie Salas
Director of Community and Culture, Science




David Smith
Dean of Students, History




Greg Sokol




Arturo Solís




Sean Spellman ’08
Associate Director of Athletics, Basketball, Health & Wellness




Paul Sugg




Blake Sundel




Tony Teixeira ’93
Director of Athletics, Health & Wellness




Eric Tran
Penn Fellow, Matemática, Clássicos