“The Play That Goes Wrong” Is So Right

On November 9 and 11, more than 50 actors and crew members brought to life the antics, hilarity, and mishaps of The Play That Goes Wrong, Roxbury Latin’s fall Senior Play, written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields.

This Olivier Award-winning comedy is “a hilarious hybrid of Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes. Welcome to opening night of The Murder at Haversham Manor where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous,” says the show’s site. 

“During the performance—a play within a play—a plethora of disasters befalls the cast, including doors sticking, props falling from the walls and falling apart. Cast members misplace props, forget lines, miss cues, break character, are made to drink white spirit instead of whisky, mispronounce words, step on fingers, and are manhandled off stage. One cast member is knocked unconscious, and her replacement (the group’s technician) refuses to yield when she returns. In another scene, an actor repeats an earlier line of dialogue, causing the other actors to repeat the whole dialogue sequence, ever more frenetically, several times. In the climax, virtually the whole of the remaining set collapses.” (Wikipedia)

Roxbury Latin’s production—directed by Mr. Phillips with technical direction by Ms. Korotkin—packed the Smith Theater both evenings with theater-goers young and old, and laughter rang the whole night through.

View production photos, taken by Mr. Miller.

Aidan D’Alessandro ‘24
Akhilsai Damera ‘24
Brendan Reichard ‘25
Fintan Reichard ‘26
Habo Baaj ‘26
Leo Bene ‘24
Liam Walsh ‘26
Lucas Connors ‘25
Lucas Vander Elst ‘24
Maeve Cullen (UA) ‘25
Maggie Crowley (NCDS) ‘25
Makenna Devine (UA) ‘25
Max Kesselheim ‘26
Nick Glaeser ‘26
Oliver Colbert ‘26
Ryan Peterson ‘24
Simba Makura ‘26
Sophia Beaver (NCDS) ‘25
Taylor Ehler (TRS) ‘25
Thomas Silva ‘24
Tom Pogorelec ‘26

Alex Giordano ‘25
Andrew Plante ‘27
Austin O’Leary ‘28
Ben McVane ‘25
Benjamin Dearden ‘25
Caiden Crowley ‘28
Charles Malley ‘29
Christo Velikin ‘25
Colin Bradley ‘26
Danny Tobin ‘26
Devan Rajagopalan ‘25
Flynn Hall ‘27
Jacob Lando ‘29
Jaden Barrack-Anidi ‘25
James Gibbons ‘26
JP Ward ‘26
Kevin Brennan ‘25
Liam Russell ‘25
Logan McLaughlin ‘25
Luca Bene ‘26
Michael DiLallo ‘26
Michael Stojny ‘25
Nathan Ginsburg ‘29
Nishant Rajagopalan ‘27
Noah Abdur Rahim ‘25
Rory Kelly ‘28
Ryan Conneely ‘25
Sam Ruscito ‘28
Simon Albrechtskirchinger ‘26
Taylor Cotton ‘25
Timmy Ryan ‘25
Tucker Rose ‘25
Xavier Maricich ‘27
Zach Beaver ‘27

Dylan Pan ‘26

Chris Vlahos ‘26

Austin Reid ‘26
Avish Kumar ‘26
Calvin Reid ‘25
Jordan Bornstein ‘26
Joshua Hua ‘25
Miles Baumal-Bardy ‘25
Nitin Muniappan ‘26