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    Music is all around us

    Since the start of spring term we have been showered with music—starting with A Cappella Fest on April 10 and continuing with a brilliant Recital Hall on the 16th. And more is on the way—so get out your calendars!

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    Debater reaches Grand Finals at the Worlds in Hong Kong

    Seniors Philip Balson and Anthony Giordano competed in the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, held 5-12 April in Hong Kong. Faculty advisor Stewart Thomsen accompanied the RL team.

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    Connecting the Dots

    Enthusiasm is contagious, and a teacher’s love of her subject alone can be enough to inspire the same calling in a student. But in Hall on 2 April Sue McCrory built a case in support of her subject that went beyond personal passion.

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Sixie Seminar

1:00pm - 1:45pm

Activities Period: AP pre-administrative meeting for all students taking an AP Exam

in the Refectory 2:40pm - 3:15pm

Course sign-up sheets due.


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Upcoming Games


Varsity Track at Thayer

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Fifth Baseball vs. Fessenden

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Fourth Lacrosse vs. Nobles

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Junior Tennis vs. Fay

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Third Baseball vs. Fessenden

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Fourth Baseball vs. BB&N

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JV Baseball at St. George's - early dismissal at 1:20 PM

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JV Lacrosse vs. St. George's

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JV Tennis at St. George's - early dismissal at 1:20 PM

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Varsity Baseball at St. George's - early dismissal at 1:20 PM

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From Wednesday, April 15 thru Saturday, April 18

Sat Apr 18
Varsity Track 89 Win
Tabor 65.5  
Varsity Track 89 Loss
Milton 90.5  
Varsity Track 89 Win
Middlesex 19  
JV Baseball 9 Win
Groton 7  
Varsity Baseball 4 Win
Groton 0  
Varsity Lacrosse 8 Win
Groton 7  
Varsity Tennis 11 Win
Groton 4  
Fri Apr 17
JV Tennis 4 Win
Andover 2  
Varsity Tennis 4 Win
Exeter 3  
Third Baseball 5 Loss
Milton 9  
Junior Tennis 2 Loss
BB&N 7  
Fifth Baseball 1 Loss
St. Sebastian's 15  
Fourth Baseball 5 Loss
Belmont Hill 7  
Wed Apr 15
Fifth Baseball 10 Win
Rivers 0  
Fourth Baseball - Canc.
Nobles -  
Fourth Lacrosse 0 Loss
St. Sebastian's 11  
Junior Tennis 5 Win
St. Sebastian's 3  
JV Baseball 10 Win
Nobles 5  
JV Lacrosse 2 Loss
Nobles 3  
JV Tennis 8 Win
Nobles 4  
Third Baseball 1 Loss
St. Sebastian's 9  
Varsity Baseball 4 Loss
Nobles 5  
Varsity Lacrosse 10 Win
Nobles 9  
Varsity Tennis 14 Win
Nobles 1  
Junior Tennis 4 Win
Rivers 2