School-Sponsored Travel

Because we are so interested in helping boys become reflective and self-critical, we encourage their venturing out to foster connections with other countries and cultures in order to expand their worldview and broaden their perspectives. To this end, the School complements its curricular commitment with opportunities for travel, domestically and abroad, to ensure that boys are perfecting their modern language skills, developing deeper and broader understanding of foreign cultures, and honing a keen sense of the wonders and complexities of the wider world and their responsibilities to it.

These trips are available to all boys, regardless of their families' ability to pay, and represent a concerted effort to open up the world to our boys, even as their intellectual and ethical worlds are defined on a daily basis.

Recent Trips

  • Glee Club performance tours in recent years have taken boys to Iceland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, and throughout the US.
  • Service projects have taken boys to Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Botswana through Habitat for Humanity and Medicines for Humanity.
  • Boys studying French and Spanish may participate in RL's language immersion programs designed around homestays and academic work in France and Spain for the month of June.
  • Through faculty-led wilderness adventures boys have encountered the natural wonders of the Rockies, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.
  • RL enjoys student exchanges with schools in Australia and Botswana.
  • Additional language- and history-oriented destinations include Rome (Classics students), Peru (Spanish), Montreal (French).