• Class VI boys participate on a team in the fall and spring and may play on a team in the winter as well. Physical education classes are required throughout the year and introduce students to a wide variety of activities with which they might otherwise not be acquainted: European handball, soccer, flag football, basketball, volleyball, STX ball, track and field, softball, and fitness testing.
  • Classes V and IV boys are required to play on a fall and spring team and may play on a winter team as well.
  • Classes I, II, and III boys must engage in some form of physical exercise in two of the three sport seasons, either by membership on a team, by making a significant contribution to the athletic program under the direction of the Athletic Council, or by contracting with the Director of Athletics to undertake an independent physical education project of their own choosing, such as weight training, running, cycling, or golf.

Fall Sports

There are 12 fall teams: varsity football, junior varsity football, and junior football (Classes V & VI); varsity soccer, junior varsity soccer (A&B), third soccer (Class IV), fourth soccer (Class V), and fifth soccer (Class VI); varsity cross country, junior varsity cross country, and junior cross country (Classes IV, V, and VI).

Winter Sports

There are 9 winter teams: varsity basketball, junior varsity basketball (comprised mostly of players in Classes III and II), third basketball (mostly Class IV), and fourth basketball (Class V and Class VI); varsity hockey and junior hockey (Classes IV, V, and VI); varsity wrestling, junior varsity wrestling, and junior wrestling (Classes V and VI).

Spring Sports

There are 12 spring teams: varsity baseball, junior varsity baseball, third baseball (Class IV), fourth baseball (Class V), and fifth baseball (Class VI); varsity lacrosse, junior varsity lacrosse, and fourth lacrosse (Classes V and VI); varsity tennis, junior varsity tennis, and fourth tennis (Classes IV, V, and VI); and varsity track and field.