• Music is all around us


    Since the start of spring term we have been showered with music—starting with A Cappella Fest on April 10 and continuing with a brilliant Recital Hall on the 16th. And more is on the way—so get out your calendars!

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  • Debater reaches Grand Finals at the Worlds in Hong Kong


    Seniors Philip Balson and Anthony Giordano competed in the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, held 5-12 April in Hong Kong. Faculty advisor Stewart Thomsen accompanied the RL team.

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  • Connecting the Dots


    Enthusiasm is contagious, and a teacher’s love of her subject alone can be enough to inspire the same calling in a student. But in Hall on 2 April Sue McCrory built a case in support of her subject that went beyond personal passion.

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  • French class chooses winter over spring break


    Nineteen first-year French students from Class V spent four days during spring break exploring Québec City, the only remaining fortified city north of Mexico. In the frozen north they also discovered a few new ways to enjoy l'hiver.

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  • Faculty installations highlight of Classics Convocation

    Professor Boyd, Mr. Reid-Sturgis, Mrs. Morris-Kliment

    The installation of two named positions in the Classics Department was the focus of the Classics Convocation on 31 March. Barbara Weiden Boyd, professor of Latin and Greek at Bowdoin College, gave the address.

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  • When in Rome...


    Twenty-one Class IV boys traveled to the Latin language fatherland over spring break, guided by classics masters George Matthews ’08 and Mo Randall. The annual trip for third year Latin students crowns the boys’ classical education with a vitality that can only be experienced in the Eternal City.

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  • RL Botball team returns with laurels


    Seven members of the RL Botball team ventured with their robots and their advisor, Dr. Dower, to the New England Regional Botball Tournament Saturday, 28 March, at UMass Lowell.

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  • Poet Nate Klug ’04 publishes "Anyone"


    Nate Klug ’04 has announced the publication of Anyone, his first full-length book of poems, by The University of Chicago Press. This follows his adaptation of Virgil's Ecologues, titled Rude Woods, published in 2013.

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  • English elective class studies Paris


    As part of their English 12 elective “Americans in Paris,” seven seniors visited France during the first week of spring break to experience firsthand the place that Paris occupies in the evolution of twentieth-century literature, art, and history.

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  • Glee Club spring tour: Iceland


    Perhaps because this winter has nearly obliterated all memory of spring and an icy destination just felt right, the Glee Club chose Iceland for its spring break tour. On the other hand, where else will you be welcomed with an amazing Northern lights display upon arrival?

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  • Maru a Pula Day


    Spring break got a kick start at Roxbury Latin with our costume-driven fundraiser for Maru a Pula, our brother school in Botswana. A $10 donation buys permission to spend the day dressed up as anyone but yourself.

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  • Western Civ Projects and the stories behind them


    Western Civ projects have been a mainstay of the Class IV curriculum since the Class of 1978 tackled the assignment as freshmen. The latest iteration, by the Class of 2018, is now on display in the Great Hall.

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  • Exelauno Dies est singularis dies


    And the Exelauno declamations once again demonstrate that Lingua Latina et Lingua Graeca non mortuae sunt, immo vēro hīc vivunt et bene vivunt.

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  • Honors Bio class presents findings in poster session


    Dr. Hyde's Honors Biology students presented their findings from a long-term research assignment at the end of the day on March 3 in a poster session arrayed in the Jarvis Refectory.

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  • RL junior wrestlers win New England championship

    RL Champion Jr Wrestlers

    RL enjoyed an outstanding day at the New England Junior Wrestling Championships on February 27, hosted by Fessenden. Fourteen schools were represented, with RL being crowned champions in an exciting battle with arch rival, Belmont Hill.

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