• A witness to history


    Janet Applefield’s grandfather managed to save the family photos. While she recounted her family’s struggle to escape from the Nazis, the images projected on the wall behind her described a family blissfully ignorant of what lay ahead.

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  • Latonics host annual A Cappella Fest


    The Smith Theater was filled to capacity on the evening of April 4 for the Latonics' annual A Cappella Fest, hosting Winsor School's Senior Small Chorus, WPI's Simple Harmonic Motion, and Similar Jones.

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  • Latin America is focus of 2014 Smith Scholars

    Maria Victoria Murillo

    This spring the School welcomed the final two of five Smith Scholars on the subject of Latin American history, culture, and art to complete the year’s series begun in the fall.

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  • Golden breaks one of RL's oldest records


    Stephen Golden II set a new school record in the pole vault, besting William Welles Hoyt's mark from 1894.

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  • A nod to Ted Williams on Opening Day

    Ted Lepcio, Kerry Brennan, Ben Bradlee Jr.

    In honor of Red Sox Opening Day, the School invited Ben Bradlee Jr.—past Globe reporter, editor, and now author of a new biography of Ted Williams—as guest speaker in Hall.

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  • Hall Speaker: Author Paula McLain


    Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife, spent 14 years of her youth in foster homes after being abandoned by her parents. Speaking in Hall on April 1, she described how writing both gave her access to painful memories and helped her transcend them.

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  • Physics students submit proposal to CERN contest


    Students in Rick Dower's Advanced Physics Topics course have submitted a proposal for conducting an experiment this summer at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory in Switzerland.

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  • Steve Ward gives Opening of Term address

    Steve Ward

    Steve Ward gave the Opening of Spring Term address on March 31—a senior Roxbury Latin master of 38 years who will retire at the end of this year.

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  • Destination: le Vieux Qu├ębec


    Eighteen eighth-graders studying French enjoyed a mini language immersion venture over spring break.

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  • For the Mannings, PMC celebrates life


    This spring, sophomore Jack Manning is training for the Pan Mass Challenge, and will ride the 192-mile course for the first time alongside his dad who has ridden every year since he started “Team Jack” in 2009.

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  • Smith Scholar Roberto Goizueta speaks on Liberation Theology


    The School welcomed Professor Roberto Goizueta in Hall on March 10. He is the third of five visiting scholars who this year are teaching alongside of Dr. Ernesto Guerra in his history course, “From Columbus to Chavez.”

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  • "Hard Times": A play for our times?


    “The dire circumstances portrayed in Charles Dickens’ unrelentingly grim tenth novel, Hard Times, may seem a far cry from the technologically advanced society in which we live today,” wrote Director Danny Bolton in reference to this winter’s Junior Play by the same name.

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  • Exelauno Day 2014


    In an RL tradition nearly as old as the Classical texts themselves, students performed dramatic recitations in Hall for Exelauno Day's David Taggart Clark Competition in Greek and Latin Declamation on Tuesday, March 4th.

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  • Bonifantes Boys' Choir includes RL on its US tour


    Thanks to the generosity of RL families who opened their homes to host these singers from the Czech Republic, the Bonifantes Boys' Choir shared their stunning voices in concerts at RL and at nearby St. Theresa's Church.

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  • Hall: Chaplain and monk, Swami Tyagananda


    Swami Tyagananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order, head of Boston’s Vedanta Society, and Hindu chaplain at MIT and Harvard, spoke in Hall on February 25. As he took the lectern he paused to chant one of the oldest prayers in Hindu scripture before offering illumination on what is widely considered to be the oldest living religious tradition.

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