• ECOS tends endangered tree in RL woods

    ECOS students present young American Chestnut deep in RL woods

    Nine boys who are active in ECOS blazed a trail through the RL woods to pay hommage to a lone, small American chestnut tree growing quietly among the plentiful oaks and occasional pines above the campus.

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  • "A Grand Day Out" for Advanced Physics students


    After choosing aerodynamics as their study topic of choice, Rick Dower's Advanced Physics students spent a perfect May day taking turns at the controls of a 4-seater, single engine Piper, flying the friendly skies between Norwood, Mass., and Smithfield, R.I.

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  • Reviving the Algonquian tongue


    Jessie Little Doe Baird, Vice Chairwoman of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and a member and co-founder of the Wampanoag Women’s Medicine Society, discussed her work with the Algonquian language in the Smith Theater on 30 April.

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  • Bob Powers '66 and sons Mark and Brent '02 discuss military service with Civics students

    Kerry Brennan with Bob ’66, Mark ’02 and Brent ’02 Powers

    Bob Powers '66 and sons Mark and Brent '02 visited the Class V Civics class on April 28 to talk about their own paths to military service.

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  • Three secrets for Class I and for life


    Ten of the most distinguished scholars of Class I were recognized in the Cum Laude ceremony on 23 April, an annual occasion that honors the life of the mind and affirms that scholarly engagement is at the heart of a good school.

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  • Latin contest laurels


    RL's intermediate team enjoyed a first place win at Brookline High School Certamen on 11 April. In the novice division, RL teams took second and third. In the National Latin Exam, 93% of RL test-takers earned Cum Laude or higher.

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  • Don't miss "PIPPIN": May 1 & 2


    PIPPIN, this spring's RL-Winsor musical production, opens May 1st (through the 2nd)—the inaugural performance on Winsor's new Lubin-O'Donnell Center stage. Curtain is 8pm!

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  • RL team wins inaugural debate tournament

    Justin Jin II and David McElroy II won the top team award at the first annual Robert H. Gile Tournament of Champions, sponsored by the Debating Association of New England Independent Schools (DANEIS) and held at St. Sebastian’s on April 19.

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  • Music is all around us


    Since the start of spring term we have been showered with music—starting with A Cappella Fest on April 10 and continuing with a brilliant Recital Hall on the 16th. And more is on the way—so get out your calendars!

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  • Debater reaches Grand Finals at the Worlds in Hong Kong


    Seniors Philip Balson and Anthony Giordano competed in the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships, held 5-12 April in Hong Kong. Faculty advisor Stewart Thomsen accompanied the RL team.

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  • Connecting the Dots


    Enthusiasm is contagious, and a teacher’s love of her subject alone can be enough to inspire the same calling in a student. But in Hall on 2 April Sue McCrory built a case in support of her subject that went beyond personal passion.

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  • French class chooses winter over spring break


    Nineteen first-year French students from Class V spent four days during spring break exploring Québec City, the only remaining fortified city north of Mexico. In the frozen north they also discovered a few new ways to enjoy l'hiver.

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  • Faculty installations highlight of Classics Convocation

    Professor Boyd, Mr. Reid-Sturgis, Mrs. Morris-Kliment

    The installation of two named positions in the Classics Department was the focus of the Classics Convocation on 31 March. Barbara Weiden Boyd, professor of Latin and Greek at Bowdoin College, gave the address.

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  • When in Rome...


    Twenty-one Class IV boys traveled to the Latin language fatherland over spring break, guided by classics masters George Matthews ’08 and Mo Randall. The annual trip for third year Latin students crowns the boys’ classical education with a vitality that can only be experienced in the Eternal City.

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  • RL Botball team returns with laurels


    Seven members of the RL Botball team ventured with their robots and their advisor, Dr. Dower, to the New England Regional Botball Tournament Saturday, 28 March, at UMass Lowell.

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