Timothy C. Murphy Jr. ’46

Early in my adult life I became involved with an advocacy group for retarded citizens of my community—the local ARC Chapter (Aid to Retarded Citizens). I soon took over as president of the board and through the years we advocated for and built a strong local chapter in the Westwood-Norwood area. We sought out and retained professionals in the field and soon built a substantial system of resources for retarded people including day care and job training for sheltered and competitive employment. The pro bono advocacy group continued to monitor these advancements. Also included was the establishment of residences in the area of people with special needs. This too was supervised by volunteer effort.
Later in my retirement years I helped the town of Topsfield as an unpaid member of an advisory board to the Mass Bay Transit Authority. This group was charged with monitoring the funds supplied by each town in the system to assure that local problems were brought to the attention of the Transit Authority. This assignment lasted for ten years.
I have always felt that citizens, as part of their membership in the community, should offer their time to community services that need attention.