Edward Curley ’70

I have always gotten great satisfaction out of volunteering my time in service to others. I watched my mother donate her time for years even while she raised four boys and worked part time. While I was working full time, I often tutored in the evenings. I served on my town's environmental resources committee and helped set up and staff its first drop-off recycling center. I also taught religious education classes and served as a lector at my church. I worked in a soup kitchen periodically and ran a semi-annual clothing drive. I donated blood 4-5 times every year.
Now that I'm retired, I have even more time to indulge in this sort of very rewarding work. I am on my town's affordable housing committee. I helped to establish a multi-denominational, faith-based effort to provide overnight shelter and a hot dinner for our homeless neighbors during this winter. Most of my efforts, however, are devoted to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. I am on the leadership board; answer our helpline 3-4 days each month; meet with residents in town who are down on their luck and need financial assistance paying rent or utility bills; schedule the 15-20 other "advocates" who also answer this helpline; and write grant applications and help to run parish fundraisers to support our financial outreach. I am always impressed to see high school and college students volunteering their time to help others, and I can definitely attest that it is just as fulfilling and enjoyable to continue such efforts during your work life and retirement. Just a few minutes of care can mean so much to a person in need!