Frederick Atwood ’73

Many thanks to my friends and teachers from RLS who encouraged my interest in birds and many thanks for the senior Independent Study Program and "5th course equivalent" in the curriculum that allowed me to pursue this interest in great depth.
I am still using these skills as a teacher in my classes, as well as volunteering for USGS, Audubon Society, Virginia Society of Ornithology, and various Citizen Science programs. Every year I do this in the following ways—adding up to hundreds of hours which I have never tallied:
1. Two Breeding Bird Survey Routes in rural VA for USGS
2. About 100 breeding bird survey census points for local Audubon Society
3. Full day of winter waterfowl survey for local Audubon Society
4. Run two Christmas Bird Counts (VA and WV) for the National Audubon Society and participate in two others.
5. Run a Northern Virginia Teen Bird Club with birding trips 1–4 times per month including a bird-banding program.
6. Volunteer for the Virginia Society of Ornithology to compile data and a write a report about birds of the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of Virginia for their journal.
7. Two nightjar surveys for Center for Conservation Biology in rural Virginia