Scott Calisti ’73

Twenty years ago I began building houses on weekends with Habitat for Humanity in Meridian, Mississippi while I was serving as the Public Works Officer at NAS Meridian, MS. After I retired from the Navy in 1997 I continued to work with Habitat in West Palm Beach, Florida, and locally in Boston. I had a terrible experience in ’98/’99 finding a civilian job in architecture / planning / facilities management, and I relied on my Habitat efforts for critical networking opportunities. It turns out that someone I met on a Boston jobsite knew someone in New York, and I was invited by the New York City Board of Education to interview for the position of director of engineering for the New York City school system (largest in the world, with 1100 schools). I was offered the position but elected to turn it down, although I am quick to add that I would not have been considered for the job without volunteering. I have worked for the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management since 2005, with little time available for additional volunteering.