Kerck Kelsey ’51

There's no way I can even remember all the volunteer work I've done over the years, but highlights include 20 years' membership in Rotary (including a year as president of the Boston Club). We were involved with at least 30 projects each year, from soup kitchens to scholarships. We also went all the way to the Supreme Court to be allowed to admit women to our club. Here in Maine, beside Rotary, I've long served in key jobs for my church, also including three years as President. Projects have again included local scholarships, community clothing needs, food drives, as well as Habitat for Humanity building projects and widespread fundraising. I've written three books about Maine's Washburn family (I gave copies of each to RLS) and I've been lecturing at and otherwise supporting the Washburn-Norlands Living History Center for some 23 years now.