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    Daland Memorial Concert: The Klemperer Trio

    The Klemperer Trio performed in Hall on October 28 as this year’s Daland Concert artists. Formed in 1980, the trio consists of Erika Klemperer (violin), Gordon Back (piano), and Ronald Crutcher (violoncello), with a repertoire spanning musical styles from classical to contemporary which they perform to critical acclaim across the US and in Europe.

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    Smith Scholar: Professor Jay Samons on democracy in antiquity and today

    This year’s Smith Scholars have been selected for their expertise in the field of classics, specifically the Mediterranean world in antiquity and how it informs modern thought. Loren Jay Samons, Professor of Classical Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies at Boston University, was the first of this year’s Scholars.

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    All parties enjoy a lively Homecoming and Family Day

    Nearly every element of the Roxbury Latin community was well represented at Saturday’s Homecoming and Fall Family Day. Throngs of students and their parents, both current and past, faculty and their families gathered on a gorgeous fall day to honor Steve Ward.

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Upcoming Games


Varsity Football vs. Rivers - Schoolhouse Field. Final Tea to follow the game in the Bernstein Tea Room.

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Varsity Cross Country vs ISL Championships - ISL Championships

At Governor's Academy

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JV Soccer at Middlesex

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JV Cross Country vs ISL Championships - ISL Championships

At Governor's Academy

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Varsity Soccer at Middlesex

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JV Football vs. Brooks - Schoolhouse Field.

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Junior Football at Thayer

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Varsity Soccer at St. Sebastian's

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JV Soccer vs. St. Sebastian's - Centre Street Field

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Third Soccer at Belmont Hill

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From Friday, October 24 thru Friday, October 31

Fri Oct 31
Third Soccer 3 Win
Thayer 1  
Fourth Soccer 1 Tie
Rivers 1  
Wed Oct 29
Junior Football 20 Loss
Belmont Hill 34  
Varsity Soccer 3 Win
Belmont Hill 1  
Third Soccer 0 Loss
Milton 1  
Fifth Soccer 1 Loss
Meadowbrook 4  
Junior Cross Country 29 Loss
Fenn 26  
JV Football 38 Win
Milton 20  
Sat Oct 25
Varsity Football 37 Win
Nobles 14  
Fri Oct 24
Varsity Soccer 0 Loss
BB&N 4  
Varsity Cross Country 15 Win
Rivers 47  
Varsity Cross Country 36 Loss
Middlesex 19  
Varsity Cross Country 24 Win
Milton 32 Info
JV Cross Country 15 Win
Rivers 50  
JV Cross Country 22 Win
Middlesex 35  
JV Cross Country 21 Win
Milton 38 Info
Varsity Cross Country 18 Win
Dexter 45  
JV Cross Country 15 Win
Dexter 50  
JV Soccer 0 Loss
BB&N 1  
Third Soccer - Canc.
St. Sebastian's -  
Fourth Soccer - Canc.
BB&N -  
Fifth Soccer 5 Win
BB&N 1  
Junior Cross Country 20 Win
Lexington Christian 43  
JV B Soccer - Canc.
Belmont Hill -