Year indicates term end

Philip Alford St. Mark Alphonse ’89 (2018), Trustee. Partner, Vistria Group.
Nancy Swegler Anthony (2017), Life Trustee. President, Fernwood Advisors, Inc.
Andrew B. Balson (2018), Trustee.
M. Ethan Berman ’79 (2016), Trustee. Founder, i2 Camp.
William Peter Collatos ’72 (2016), Life Trustee. Founder and Senior Managing Director, Spectrum Equity Investors.
Rajat Dhanda ’85 (2017), Trustee. Head of Investment Products & Services, Morgan Stanley.
Bruce R. Evans (2017), Trustee. Managing Director, Summit Partners.
Pamela D. Everhart (2020), Trustee. Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Fidelity Investments.
Winifred D. Faust (2016), Trustee.
John P. Fowler ’64 (2016), Trustee. Holliday Fenoglio Fowler, L.P.
James M. Frates (2021), Trustee. Chief Financial Officer, Alkermes.
Michael J. Giarla ’76, (2026), Charter Trustee. Chief Executive Officer, Amundi Smith Breeden, LLC.
Dennis Roy Kanin ’64 (2018), Life Trustee. Principal, New Boston Ventures LLC.
Deborah F. Kuenstner (2018), Trustee. Chief Investment Officer, Wellesley College.
Laurence H. Lebowitz ’78 (2022), Charter Trustee.
William Michael Maffie III ’88 (2019), Trustee. Equity Analyst, Adage Capital Management.
Paul John Massey Jr. ’78 (2020), Life Trustee. President, Cushman and Wakefield.
Christopher Thomas Mitchell ’89 (2019) Trustee. Managing Director, Spectrum Equity.
Robert J. O’Connor Jr. ’85 (2024), Charter Trustee. Partner, DLA Piper LLP (US).
R. Ian O’Keeffe ’86 (2020), Trustee. Founding Partner, FOC Partners, LLC.
Paul M. Spinale ’81 (2021), Trustee. Managing Partner, Islington Capital Partners.
Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. (2021), Trustee. Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Criminal Justice Institute, Harvard Law School
Josaphat K. Tango (2020), Trustee. Founding Partner, Kepha Partners.
Diane Young-Spitzer (2019), Trustee. Deputy Director and General Counsel, Massachusetts Securities Division.


Robert J. O’Connor Jr., President

Paul J. Massey Jr., Chairman

Nancy Swegler Anthony, Vice President

Anne Craige McNay, Secretary

Paul Matthew Spinale, Treasurer