All Shook Up: RL-Winsor spring musical rocks Smith Theater

Over the first weekend of May, the Smith Theater rocked to the tunes of Elvis Presley in this year’s Roxbury Latin-Winsor spring musical, All Shook Up. The story concerns a small, repressed, mid-western town suddenly enlivened by the appearance of a roustabout with a song in his heart and a “jiggly-wiggly” sound in his motorcycle. Before he leaves town, everything is repaired—including several broken hearts. Jared Ginnetty II played Chad, the Elvis-like roustabout; fellow Latonics Seth McNay II, Owen Akeley I, and Paul Matthews II played denizens of the town, Dean, Jim, and Dennis—all of whose romantic problems were solved. Brion Morrissey-Bickerton II learned to sing in order to play Sherriff Earl, the long-suffering, would-be spouse of the town’s ultra-conservative mayor, Matilda (played by Ellie Bridge, sister of Charlie Bridge ’07). Winsor seniors Emma Finder, Charlotte Tracy, and Talia Weingarten, along with sophomore Katherine Gross, played the female leads among a total cast of thirty-four. Senior Nick Laning completed his spectacular career at Roxbury Latin as the production stage manager. Junior Nick Kirsch provided the bulk of the show’s accompaniment, first as rehearsal pianist and then as the mainstay of the eleven-piece orchestra. Steve Borowka from Winsor was the show’s chief director; Rob Opdycke, as always, provided the show’s musical direction. Approximately five hundred people saw the show over its two-night run.

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