Recital Hall: Bach to Brahms in 29 minutes

Five RL musicians led the School in a musical grand tour with stops in the Baroque, the Classical, and the Romantic periods—though not precisely in that order—in a Recital Hall on January 26.

Lev Mamuya III performed two movements of Bach's Cello Suite #5 (Courante and Sarabande); Ben Zheng III offered the Brahms Rhapsody #2; Tyler Yan V, Harry Doernberg III, and Ben Zheng played an excerpt of the second movement of the Schubert Piano Trio #2; and Aditya Mahadevan V presented Mozart's Theme and Variations on "Ah, Vous Dirai-je Maman" (aka "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"), KV 265. (See photos here.)

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