Vote for Nate Davis ’10 & the Dartmouth Aires!

The Dartmouth Aires are IN THE TOP THREE in The Sing-Off finale, and it's up to YOU to determine who wins the $200,000 Sony recording contract!

Nate Davis ’10, a current member of the Aires, joins other Latonics alums who have also sung with the Aires: Fernando Rodriguez-Villa ’06, Matt Wang ’05, Ben Davis ’04, and Pete Simpson ’01. The Aires' victory will be a victory for all Latonics everywhere!

Voting is open NOW until 9:00AM EST on Sunday, 11/27. So, vote early & often, like this:

1: Go to and select The Dartmouth Aires! You can vote up to 10 times from from any email address. Remember that other AOL or Yahoo account? How about your old college email address? If you're super eager, how about creating a new one (or several!

2: Text the number "3" to 97979 to your heart's content! You'll receive a "Success" reply for the 1st text, but not the additional 9 you send...because you can vote up to 10 times per cell phone! If you text 11 times, you'll also get a reply.

3: You can also call 1-877-6-SING-03 to vote for us. You guessed it—you can call up to 10 times from each cell phone or land-line you've got!

Nate writes: "Thank you ALL for the tremendous amount of support you've shown us over these past two months! The emails, Facebook posts, tweets, and texts have been incredible, and we're so glad you've enjoyed our performances. So—go to town, rock the vote, and spread the word!"

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