A 50th anniversary gift, RL style

Phil Ferrara ’61 and his wife, Linda, introduced themselves to new midshipman Thomas Buckley ’11 and his family at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Parents’ Weekend in early August. Thomas graduated this June from Roxbury Latin and has just entered the Academy, and over the next four years Phil, a 1965 Annapolis graduate, and Linda will serve as Thomas’s sponsor family.

Phil heard about Thomas from Tom Walsh while attending his 50th RL reunion in early May. “Upon learning about Thomas,” says Phil, “I went through the sponsor coordinator, Rose Clark, at Annapolis, and we were assigned to him as the sponsor family locally.” The program has been in place since the 1970s.

At USNA, Thomas joins a fraternity of R.L. graduates who went to Annapolis before him (led by R.L. Class of 1913 graduate Clifton Sprague, the admiral who commanded one of the taskforces at Battle of Leyte Gulf):

Clifton Sprague ’13, USNA 1918
Manley Simons Jr. ’25 USNA 1930
John Lacouture ’35, USNA 1940
William Meanix Jr. ’44, USNA 1949
Allen Johnson ’49, USNA 1953
Joseph Malone Jr. ’49, USNA 1953
Richard Whitney Jr. ’57, USNA 1961
Richard Foley ’58, USNA 1962
Joseph P. Ferrara Jr., ’61, USNA 1965
Mark Shaughnessy ’69, USNA 1973
Edward Kamradt ’74, USNA 1978
Peter Parsons ’75, USNA 1979
Jeffrey Adams ’97, USNA 2001
Mark Powers ’02, USNA 2006

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