Sen. Brown addresses alumni, senior boys at Annual Spring Luncheon

The Annual Alumni Spring Luncheon provided an excellent opportunity for alumni representing eight decades of the School's history to gather and to welcome into the alumni community the newest soon-to-be graduates of alma mater, the Class of 2011. A burgeoning tradition in the alumni calendar, the event provides alumni a look at the boys who make up the School today, even as it gives the Senior boys a sense of what it means to be an alumnus of a school with such a long history. The conversations at the luncheon tables were far-ranging and lively -- from college selection and expectations to professional aspirations, the faring of this year's athletic teams, and, particularly given this year's speaker, politics.

With Boston Harbor in the background and a rain-soaked, but undaunted audience, Senator Brown began his remarks on the subject of service. Citing the wonderful opportunities that Roxbury Latin makes available to its students, Senator Brown urged the Seniors to recognize the responsibilities and expectations that are attendant on such opportunities. The Senator then went on to discuss his perspective on his work in the Senate, the ways in which he approaches proposed legislation, and what he sees as the biggest challenges facing him and his Congressional colleagues. He ended his time taking a few questions from the audience before heading to Logan for a flight back to Washington, D.C. We are grateful to Bruce '77 and Ariella Rosengard for inviting and encouraging the Senator to speak at the event.

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